Al Faris
32/1, Mohammad Bin Matar Road Fujairah Madhab, Fujairah

Where is located Al Faris ?

Al Faris cleaning services

Need to get laundry done from Al Faris in Fujairah Madhab?

Looking to get spotless & wrinkle free laundry? Al Faris is at your service. Be it washing & folding of your routine wear or special services, choose from their services and enjoy a hassle free experience.

Oops, seems like Al Faris is not just a justclean partner, yet!

That means you won't be able to enjoy perks like

1- Free pickup and delivery
2- Discounts and offers by justclean partners
3- Order tracking feature
4- justclean's 5-start customer service round the clock.
5- Variety of payment options such as "Cash on Delivery", Pay by credit / debit cards, pay by telcos

If you would like justclean to list Al Faris as a partner, please reach us out and we'll try to add the Al Faris in justclean for you.

The good news is that we have 0 other laundries ready to offer you all the above laundry services in Fujairah Madhab.

What is justclean?

Trusted by thousands of customers, justclean provides hassle free laundry experience for you. justclean offers 232 highly professional laundry partners with no extra markup on the laundry cost. You pay the same, but get more services.
Our main aim is to make sure you enjoy other things in your life, while we take care of your laundry woes.

What about Fujairah Madhab, is there a Al Faris located in United Arab Emirates ?

Al Faris is located in the area of Fujairah Madhab in United Arab Emirates. This is one of the 309 areas served by our 88 partners in United Arab Emirates. Not many laundries are located there, but thanks to our logistic solutions, we make sure that we can pick up and deliver your laundry in Fujairah Madhab.

In case of any issue with ordering your laundry pickup in Fujairah Madhab, our support team will be at your service to assist you. Do not forget, we have 0 partners in Fujairah Madhab ready to help you, in case Al Faris cannot handle your request.

Unfortunately, not many laundries are available in Fujairah Madhab. But we have some solutions for your clothes!

Al Faris is one of the 11 laundries in Fujairah Madhab. It is definitely one of the areas in United Arab Emirates with the lowest availabilities for laundry pick up & delivery. To help you order online, we also get 0 laundries serving Fujairah Madhab. They might be a bit far, but will still offer you the best solution and all the justclean special features like free pickup and delivery.

Let us know if our support agents can help you on the phone, email or chat to find the right laundry to wash your clothes!