West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning
24, Sha'm Street Al Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi

About West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning laundry solutions

On our side of town we are known for a clean ways! We guarantee your items a clean like not other. We keep the colors in your items and your whites stay white! Ourmachines strip out dirt, press your items to perfection, and keep you looking good!

Laundry Services offered by West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning

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Where is located West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning ?

West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning cleaning services

Looking to get your laundry done from West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning?

West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning located in Al Khalidiyah, United Arab Emirates offers all basic services like washing, drycleaning and ironing services at an affordable price. If by any chance, West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning does not meet your requirements, you can check other laundry stores available in Al Khalidiyah.
If you have any special requests or inquiries, feel free to contact our customer service heroes.

We are very sorry, West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning laundry is not yet a justclean partner!

West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning is not currently one of our 232 partners. So unfortunately, you will not be able to enjoy justclean facilitties with West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning yet. If you would like to order from West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning online using justclean app and website, please let us know. Our team will contact them for you and try to onboard them.

In the meantime, you can have a look into our 3 partners ready to pick up your laundry in Al Khalidiyah. All our partners offer you the following benefits:

1- No markup fees: As a user you will not pay any markup fee. We offer you the cheapest prices for West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning services
2- Online ordering: You can order your dry cleaning, pressing, washing & folding or any of our extra services directly on justclean
3- Cash on delivery & online payment supported: You can pay to wash your clothes the way you prefer (online payment, justclean credit, cash on delivery, you name it!)
4- Around the clock support: Our support team is here to help you solve any issues regarding your order, your laundry or anything related to the laundry services we offer

What services does justclean offer?

Justclean offers all types of laundry services such as wash & dry, dry cleaning only and bulk laundry bags ( in UAE only for now ), laundry for your special clothes like wedding gowns, suits or other items like curtains, bed linens, carpet cleaning, shoe cleaning. So routine washing or tough dirty stains or maintenance of your delicates, justclean has just the laundry for you.

What laundry services are available in Al Khalidiyah in United Arab Emirates ?

There are in total 2979 laundry service providers in United Arab Emirates. The country has 309 areas and in Al Khalidiyah, 34 laundries are listed. West Life Laundry & Dry Cleaning is one of them. So no matter where you are situated, we will find a laundry solution for you.
If you face any issue in ordering your laundry services in Al Khalidiyah, our support team is here to help you.

Al Khalidiyah has only 34 laundry available. But that should not be a cause of worry for you.

We did our best to find laundries in Al Khalidiyah. It is not one of the best served locations in United Arab Emirates, when it comes to laundry pickup & delivery. If you need some help to get your laundry pickup in Al Khalidiyah or anywhere else in Abu Dhabi, we have a total of 88 ready for you in United Arab Emirates.